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Got a new car and need to maintain its shiny look? You obsessed with having perfectly clear reflections? Drive in at Window Plus Car Care Centre and give your car a spa-treatment with our car body glass coating. The hard glass like coating provides a silky smooth protective layer that:


  1. 1. Repels water and dirt and restores deep colour of paint creating a brilliant high gloss
  2. 2. Gives optimum protection from chemical, thermal and mechanical factors such as damage caused by U.V.   rays, bird droppings and road salt.
  3. 3. Reduces scratch damage by up to 25%


Look young for ages!

Steps to a car shine

  1. 1.  Wash

Remove loose contaminants and dirt from the entire surface using a neutral shampoo.



  1. 2.  Surface Evaluation

Check for residues and below surface defects “in” the paint e.g. swirls, scratches, stains and etchings.


Remove above surface bonded contaminants e.g. fall out, tree sap mist using detailing clay. This creates a glassy smooth surface prior to polishing.



Remove scratches and severe swirls with a liquid paint cleaner e.g. Meguair’s ultra cut compound.



  1. 3.  Polishing

Create a brilliant high gloss by applying polish, never apply too much. Remove the excess using a microfiber polishing cloth or a clean 100% cotton terry towel.


  1. 4.  Protecting

You can preserve the brilliant high gloss by either waxing or coating.


Car Body Glass Coating System

1. Remove grease off surface using a degreasing agent.
2. Soak the coating by pressing the cloth against the opening of the container.
3. Lightly and evenly apply the coating on the car body in a vertical and then horizontal motion.
4. Wipe lightly the coated surfaces using a microfiber buffing towel.
5. Gently buff to a high gloss shine and allow 45 minutes for the crystal coating to completely cure.


  1. Maintenance

To maintain the high gloss, always apply maintenance products like Ultimate Quick Detailer.