June 6, 2023

The dawn of the 20th Century was riddled with lots of innovation. It is the century whereby man was able to take his first flight and sadly also developed instruments of mass destruction. None the less, most innovations are still with us today.

Not to be left behind, the car care industry also saw its own unique inventions.

Meguiar’s History

Frank Meguiar, Jr. in his garage in 1901.

The year was 1901, when Frank Meguiar, Jr. began producing simple furniture polish in his garage using an eggbeater. Following the product orders he received, he would spend his nights making them and supplying them the following day to pay for the family’s groceries. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined his efforts would turn into a global conglomerate selling top notch auto care products.

The advent of the horseless carriages turned Frank Meguiar’s attention to the automobile. As they were wooden, his products could easily be used on them. This transition became the capstone for the company’s preeminence in the car wax business today.

Meguiar’s Family

The Meguiar Family (Maurice, Malcom and Kenneth)

Frank Meguiar, Jr. passed away in 1950. His three sons-Maurice, Malcom, and Kenneth- were his business partners. Talk of a budding family business.

Maurice, the eldest was the Sales Manager. Malcom, the Chemistry prodigy, formulated most of the products that are still on sale to date i.e., Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax. The youngest, Kenneth, oversaw production. Thus, through their industrious nature and partnership, the company thrived through its second generation.

Meguiar’s Business

In the formative years, Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze polishes and waxes, were intended for professional use. They were used by car manufacturers, car dealers, body shops and detailers. Upon gaining the attention of end users, retailers had to stock Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze products to satisfy the ever-growing market. Following the market’s uptake of their innovative products, the Meguiar’s family introduced their brand officially in 1973, under the leadership of former Meguiar’s Inc. President, Barry Meguiar, the son of Malcom Meguiar. Fast forward to today, Meguiar’s Inc. has become the global leader in car care. It is now offering the next generation of products, tools, and accessories to serious car enthusiasts. The company continuously pursues excellence in churning out quality products, hitherto unmatched in the industry

Meguiar’s Product Lines

There are numerous categories of Meguiar’s products ranging from compounds, polishes, cleaners, waxes and sealants, washes, paint maintenance, degreasers, wheel cleaners and dressings, etc.

Meguiar's Product Lines
Meguiar’s Product Lines

The Meguiar’s product lines that are commercially known and are focused solely on automotive products include:

1. Ultimate

This product line includes premium car care products that are designed to provide exceptional results. The Ultimate line includes products such as Ultimate Compound, Ultimate Polish, Ultimate Wax, and Ultimate Protectant.

2. Gold Class

This product line is designed to provide a deep and rich shine to your car’s paint. The Gold Class line includes products such as Gold Class Car Wash, Gold Class Liquid Wax, and Gold Class Leather Conditioner.

3. Mirror Glaze

This product line is geared towards professional detailers and enthusiasts who want the best results. The Mirror Glaze line includes products such as Mirror Glaze Professional Cleaner Wax, Mirror Glaze Professional Detailing Clay, and Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound.

4. Hybrid Ceramic

This product line utilizes advanced ceramic technology to provide long-lasting protection and shine. The Hybrid Ceramic line includes products such as Hybrid Ceramic Wax, Hybrid Ceramic Detailer, and Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax.

5. NXT

This product line is designed to provide a high-gloss finish with advanced polymer technology. The NXT line includes products such as NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0, NXT Car Wash, and NXT Metal Polish.

6. Hot Shine

This product line is focused on tire care and includes products such as Hot Shine Tire Coating, Hot Shine Tire Spray, and Hot Shine Foam.

7. Hot Rims

This product line is focused on wheel and tire care and includes products such as Hot Rims Brake Dust Barrier, Hot Rims Wheel & Tire Cleaner, and Hot Rims All Wheel & Tire Cleaner.

From his first bottle of furniture polish, Frank Meguiar, Jr. built his business on excellent products and an understanding of his consumer’s needs. Today, Meguiar’s enduring and strong relationship with avid car enthusiasts worldwide has created a level of trust and respect for the brand that transcends our products and embodies the lifestyle of the car hobbyist.

To date, Meguiar’s is committed to delivering products and building relationships that excite and unite car enthusiasts and professionals globally.

Locally, Meguiar’s products can be found in any of Bora Autocare’s outlets in Nairobi and Nyali.